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The rapid loss of protection from internal and external threats due to our inability to provide our own protection to our children, women, and elders of our communities is the impetus behind the Assata Alert Network. As a result, AAN has made it their mission to construct a secured environment that is dependent on its own community members to protect and defend our children, women, and elders. 

Our communities have been dependent on a government that seeks to incarcerate our people, especially our children, rather than educate them. They build more prisons instead of new schools and employ more police officers to patrol our communities, allowing for additional and repeated terrorist trauma to be inflicted upon our people. To be sure, AAN will never collaborate with the government or law enforcement. We will take control of our own communities. 

AAN is a national collective network of individuals, groups, communities and organizations who maintain heightened readiness for the prevention and recovery of our missing community members through safety, prevention, education, active patrols, and established safe places. 

Founder - Abdul Olugbala Shakur 

If you have any information, tips, etc. that can assist us with finding Our Missing New Afrikan Women, Children, Men & Elders, please call Our AAN National Tipline: (313)241-6749 

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Our network is committed towards not only finding our missing loved ones, but preventing their abduction, molestation, rape, torture and/or murder. Our success depends on your participation. We are seeking small donations of $1.00 from everyone who believes in this effort. 

Assata Alert Network
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