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Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

Many of Our Women, Children and Elders are increasingly becoming victims of Abuse, Serial Rapists, Sex Trafficking and Serial Killers. There are numerous weapons for self-defense that are non-lethal. These deliver enough protection to keep Our Sistas, Children and Elders safe but not powerful enough to cause any fatalities. 

Mixed martial arts

Turning your body into your own weapon is a MUST. Most attackers look for "easy targets", not People who are ready and willing to defend themselves. Knowing basic Martial Art skills can be enough to disarm and discourage an attacker. 

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is a potent but non-lethal weapon for self-defense by targeting the predator's eyesight. They are effective at giving Our Women, Children and Elders several minutes to defend themselves or flee from the attacker.


Tasers are considered the KING of non-lethal weapons. Tasers have sometimes been linked to death but that has been when being struck by the Taser falling down, striking their head on something hard or when someone may have health conditions. Before using any non-lethal weapon, you MUST learn the proper use and training to operate it correctly. 

Before purchasing most non-lethal weapons such as Tasers, check if you are able to carry/operate one in your state. 

tactical flashlight

Tactical Flashlights are smaller to carry around with you and brighter. Shining a bright light into an attacker's eyes could be enough to briefly stun them. which could you a few seconds to flee or defend yourselves. 

mini stun gun with security alarm 

A stun gun is a close contact weapon that requires you to hold the weapon close to your attacker's body in order to deliver a shock. It delivers a powerful jolt of electricity that courses through the attacker's body. 

Self Defense knives

Self Defense Knives requires you to get extremely close to your attacker, making you more vulnerable & can give them the ability to take your weapon away. Using a self-defense knife is if you are in a dire situation and your life is on the line. Just like most other weapons on this list, you MUST learn the proper way to use self-defense knives and be trained correctly. 


In the case of an attack, you can use a Baton to defend yourself against an aggressor by hitting them in the arms, legs, hands or collarbone. A baton is a great non-lethal weapon to keep in your home and any other place in case of emergency because there are no directions or lessons needed to use it. 

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